Become a value creator

in the AI-powered future.

The AI-powered future runs on data in Knowledge Bases. Use our tools to easily create your own KBs & deploy it to AI. Share and monetise your KBs without losing ownership.

With Kipley, AI's easy.

Get started in AI
with 3 easy steps

Create KBs easily,

Powerful tools to create AI-ready Knowledge Bases (KBs) supporting a wide range of data (including dynamic data)

Deploy it to AI,

Plug your KB into an LLM, watch it come alive.

Create AI Apps

Chatbots are only the tip of the iceberg. Unleash your creativity with our app making tools!

Packing serious heat. Yet a breeze to use.

Kipley uses an advanced Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) framework to link your knowledge assets to AI.

Backed by deep academic research, enjoy accuracy, context awareness and relevance in your results.

You KB is your property.

Use it, share it, sell it or lease it. You have full control.

Your KB is secure.

Kipley boasts enterprise grade security and optional encryption.


For Educators & Students

Learning (and teaching) is enhanced by AI.

Create Knowledge Bases with your course materials, use our AI App Templates to create personal AI teaching assistants, study partners, exam question generators and more.


For Researchers & IP owners

Whether you're researching investments or medieval history, you labour over that research, carefully seperating wheat from chaff, insightfully drawing your conclusions, meticulously presenting your findings.
The result of that labour is highly valuable in the age of AI.


For AI Value Creators

Kipley enables everyone to become a value creator in AI.

Have a product idea? Create a new AI app to serve your customers.
Great at tuning and prompt-engineering? Create app templates.
Just feeling generally intellectual? Create a knowledge base to power AI apps.

With Kipley, it's easy.


For Enterprises

Your company's data contains unharnessed efficiency and productivity gains.

Organise them easily into knowledge bases, and unlock their full potential with AI apps on Kipley.

Whether it be customer service chatbots or internal training assistants, Kipley empowers a diverse range of enterprise use cases.

Create and own your own KBs in minutes.

Kipley converts your raw data into vectorised Knowledge Bases, ready for AI deployment. No coding required. Done in minutes.

Supports wide range of data formats

Drag and drop any file you have from your computer to Kipley for vectorisation to KBs. No fuss, No code. More supported file formats added constantly.

Your KBs are alive (ie dynamic data supported)

Draw dynamic data sources like news, prices etc into your KBs. Watch them magically self-update, giving linked AI apps the latest knowledge to analyse. No fuss, No code. More supported file formats added constantly.

Manage your KBs like a boss

Too many KBs? Organise them, combine them, download them, transfer them! Don’t know where to start? Start easily by cloning one from our KB Market.

Your KBs (and the data within) are secure.

Kipley ensures that no one, not even the LLMs you connect to, can see your raw data, unless you expressly permit it. If you don’t, take your KBs private, encrypt it with enterprise grade security.

Your KBs are, well, yours.

Your KBs on Kipley are your property. Lease them, trade them, sell them as you please. We are merely the butlers for your knowledge and your intellectual property.

Create your own AI apps with a few clicks.

Choose from multiple app templates, pick an AI model, and you have your very own AI app!

With Kipley, AI’s easy.


Kipley helps you unlock the economic value of your intellectual labour and creativity.
Offer your KBs and AI Apps for sale or lease.
Because on Kipley, Your KB is your IP™.

KB Marketplace

Reach developers wishing to use your research and data in your KB for their application

AI App Store

Reach any users wishing to use your completed App.

It’s rightfully yours.
Take it back.

Your data and knowledge is of immense value. It’s what drives the AI powered future.
Don’t blindly contribute it to those that would take it from you and make you the product itself.
Kipley was created to empower everyone to be value creators in the age of AI.

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Kipley makes AI easy. Our unique approach is gaining ground.

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With Kipley, AI’s easy.

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